donderdag 12 december 2013

Dutchies only !!

Zo dit wordt even een blogje in het Nederlands..
Ik ga sommige shopfreaks heel blij maken hoop ik !
Ben jij op zoek naar nieuwe sieraden voor de feestdagen of gewoon omdat je dat wel hebt verdient ?

Neem dan een kijkje op de nieuwe webshop Love for Jewels (
Dit is een nieuwe webshop met een grote variatie aan sieraden en trendy items.
Alle sieraden van dit moment kun je er kopen voor een mooi prijsje !

En het mooiste is dat ik er voor jullie nog wat af kan doen ! Met deze kortingscode ontvang je 20% korting bij je aankoop ! Ook leuk om door te geven aan vriendinnen of je vriendje..


Shop ze !

maandag 9 december 2013

Outfit : Zebra coat

I can't say I missed it. Not this monday, but next week I have a very exciting project coming up !
But you will hear about that soon enough.. 

This outfit is slightly different then what I'm used of. It's quite chic due to the zebra coat I'm wearing, more an outfit you would wear to a party or something. 
But sometimes I just like to wear skirts and dresses and definitely these beautiful over-knee boots
I loved them from the moment I first saw them. But hard to wear without making yourself look cheapy.. In my opinion over-knee boots can look very stylish in an example in an all black look. 

What do you think about this outfit ?

What I'm wearing :
zebra coat - Donna, turtle neck sweater - H&M, over-knee boots - Manfield. 

woensdag 4 december 2013

Outfit : cropped sweater

Hi there !
Today I want to show you this cropped sweater by Supertrash
I find this sweater really hard to wear because of the length of the sweater.
When you wear crop tops people expect you to have a flat tummy, which I don't so I don't really own any crop tops.. But I do like them !
I bought this cropped sweater I think a year ago and haven't really worn it often. I bought it because I loved the print when I first saw it and when I tried it on I also fell in love with the oversized fit.  
The skull print immediately strikes to me when I see it hanging in my closet, but I just find it hard to combine it. 

But I did it ! 
I made an outfit for you with this cropped sweater with basic jeans and my Isabel Marant sneakers. 
The sneaker just perfectly match the jeans and sweater ! Just a gold watch and you don't need any more asseccoires ! I hope you like it ! 

Aaaaaand today is my little sisters birthday ! Yeaaah, just want to say I love her ! 
My sister and best friend ; Bobbi 

Instagram : @joyketel

See you soon !
cheek Joy

What I'm wearing :
cropped sweater + jeans : Supertrash, Sneakers : Isabel Marant, Watch : Ikki 

maandag 2 december 2013

Outfit : Hello December

Hello December ! I hope you will be wonderful !
I love december ! It has Sinterklaas (dutch santa claus) and Christmas and not forget New Years Eve in it ! I love all the warm winter nights you can spend on the couch with hot chocolate an cozy socks an pyjamas. Speaking about that, I really need to get a new one this winter...

This outfit is of course all about the fluffy coat I'm wearing. Let's say you can't miss it ! 
I love the color of this coat, I haven't seen anything like this. I don't know which brand it's from because it's my moms coat.. Thank the gods that she saves all of her 'special' clothes for me !
I didn't really know if I should wear a scarf with this.. and if I should: black or this purple one ?
What do you think ?

What I'm wearing :
Fluffy coat, black skinny - Supertrash, scarf - replay, Shoes - Isabel Marant

vrijdag 29 november 2013

Music : all sunday long

Hi there,
last sunday was a day full of music. I loved it !
I always love it when I get to perform and watch others at the same time.
I started by picking out my clothes and make up. Then I hurried to the youth centre where we would perform that day. My song was almost on the top of the list, so we were one of the first to perform.
Everything went well, I wasn't nervous.
The vibe in the audience was great, people were singing along and clapping.
When I was about to go home my teacher came to me with a question. He asked me if I could do the backing vocals in one more song. Well ofcourse !
When I could finally go home I noticed I was tired, but I didn't just want to have dinner and spent the rest of my evening on the couch.

Soooo I went back to the youth centre to watch the Sunday Session.
These are sessions organised by the man who runs the education centre where I get my music lessons.
I always love to watch those sessions. It's like you walk right into somebody's living room and people are sitting there making music..

This is a picture I took with my Iphone to give you an impression of what these sessions look like.. 
The music is always good and so is the vibe. 
I just love how there are still places you can just walk in for free and see people pouring their hearts into music !

Now you are of course curious about what I sung on sunday.. 
I did a duet, something I'm not really used to, with Eefje. Eefje is a singer- songwriter I know, she has a whole different kind of voice compared to mine, but hers is just beautiful. I love how we sound together! 

Let me know what you think !
And if you live around eindhoven I suggest you come check out the sunday sessions
See you there !

woensdag 27 november 2013

Outfit : Layers

Hi there readers, 

Yesterday when I was in college I read something so creepy it really made my guts crawl.. A Russian research called ' the sleeping experiment'. If you like a good horror story I suggest you look it up. 
But to my outfit, it's getting colder and colder in the Netherlands which makes a good opportunity to create outfits with layers ! Yes, warm winter layers ! I had to do some multi tasking so you can see I took these pictures right before walking my dog (he is hiding behind me). 
It seems that he didn't want to be in the picture today, when normally when I'm taking pictures he loves to walk around in front of my camera... 
I wore a black blazer with a tartan blouse. I like the tartan trend, but as you might know I like to wear things in different ways, so I wore my tartan blouse as a detail to my outfit and not as the main subject of it. I've seen a lot of bloggers wear these kinds of blouses knotted around their waist, but I don't think that's much of a winter look. I like the color blue, and it look great with a combination of grey and black ! To make it more of a winter look a also put on my beanie as a nice accessoire. 

I hope you like this look, feel free to comment !

What I'm wearing :
Blazer - Only, Tartan Blouse - H&M, Jeans - Seven Sisters, Beanie - Asos

donderdag 21 november 2013

Shopping : Primark Eindhoven

Hi there lovelies !
Yes yes I know you've probably seen it on every dutch blog you read : A new Primark opened in Eindhoven !
And now Eindhoven happens to be the city I was born and where I go to school, so I will see a lot of this new Primark. Which I don't mind of course.
I read some blogs the other day about the great opening and stuff, which I couldn't attend because I had to go to school. Still I had to go see it for myself...
I had to stand IN LINE to get inside ! Yes even the day after it was still super busy at the new Primark.
But once I was inside it seemed like I had stepped right into a shoppingwalhalla, my god that place is huge ! And of course you don't enter a 'shoppingwalhalla' without doing a little shopping...
So I want to show what I bought, although it's not much.

As you might know by now I love burgundy ! And when I saw this top I just couldn't leave it and with some matching necklaces I almost had a complete new outfit ! On the top I really like the leather detail around the neck. And not to mention what I had to pay for it.. 

Further more I really liked the department in the basement. That's where they store the cute pyjamas and slippers ! Perfect for the cold weather in the Netherlands !
Soooo that is all for now ! I hope I can shoot some pictures tomorrow to make a new outfitpost.. 

dinsdag 19 november 2013

Outfit : Wild fox

Pictures by Dana Maaskant 

Hi there ! 
I'm back with a new outfit post and as you can see some different kind of pictures. 
That is because I joined a project from my friend Dana, (facebook here). She wanted to make different portret pictures of different kinds of people from my age. I think the results will look interesting ! 
And don't you think the fog just gives an amazing effect on the pictures ?

About the outfit.. 
I love big sweaters, especially this one by Wildfox. I also like to wear them in ways some people wouldn't immediately think off.. like tucked in a super feminine looking back skirt with Jeffrey Campbells. I feel so big in those shoes ! Side note : normally I'm 1,56 m tall. 
Yes putting the heels aside I could live in this outfit, it's so comfortable with the long sleeves of the sweater (really, they're super long !). But still, awesome sweater and Wildfox is just an awesome brand !

Do you like this outfit ? Feel free to leave a comment !

What I'm wearing :

Sweater - Wildfox, Black Skirt - Coolcat, Tights - H&M, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell.

maandag 18 november 2013

Shopping : Thanks ILF !

Hi there readers,
It's monday, but this monday was not so bad at all !
This morning I walked into college and my phone rang, because I just received an email.
Oh boy, that email made my day !

It was a message from I Love Fashion News that I had a chance to pick out some lingerie worth €150
I couldn't let that slide of course ! Lingerie is in my opinion a very important pieces of clothing.
It's where you start, you start your dressing with it and it can set your mood for the rest of the day.
It is proved that when women wear beautiful lingerie they feel more confident and sexy through the day. So I highly recommend you to buy some nice lingerie for yourselves ladies !

I got the lingerie at BDY Fashion (
They have very chic, but also cute lingerie of good quality. You can see different brands on their website which I think defines a kind of woman on each brand.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this cute blue bra from Pleasure State.
Just so you know.. I took this one !

Do you think it's important to wear good or beautiful lingerie ? Let me know !

Cheek, Joy 

vrijdag 15 november 2013

Outfit : Tomboy

Dear readers, 
Today a totally different style for me : tomboy
You can say a lot about my style, but I'm definitely not a tomboy. Thinking about that I wanted to try it, because I still had this baggy jeans hanging in my closet. I haven't worn it very often so decided that it was about time I would start wearing it again. 
When you wear baggy jeans I personally find it important to style it in your very own way, as every one would wear a piece differently. I like to wear baggy jeans with tight tops and some nice accessoires. This beanie seemed to fit perfectly with the grey shirt I'm wearing and to make it a bit more girly I wore this diamond necklace. 
You see a lot of people styling baggy jeans with blazers and heels, which I also like but it's getting a little cold to wear open shoes. 

Also there are two new performances coming up ! 
About a week the first one will be. It's been some time since I last performed so I'm really excited !! 
Though it's just one song, I still like it, knowing there will be more sessions to come and stuff like that. 

But back to fashion ! 
Do you like this look ? What do you think about the baggy jeans look ?

Enjoy your weekend !   

 What I'm wearing :
Baggy jeans - Gstar, Top - Only, Beanie -, Necklace - H&M

dinsdag 12 november 2013

Outfit : Stripes

Hi there, 
New outfit post, finally ! It took me some time to find something new to show you.. But in the trend of black and white combinations I took this outfit with a burglar striped pants from H&M. 
I love this pants, because there aren't many people who have this kind of pants. Probably because it's very gothic or punk like. Well I liked both at a certain time of my life, early teenage years, and I still like it to look a bit different then other people. I still like it to take gothic or punk items and mix them into my outfits !
The blouse I'm wearing has a small gold detail at the bottom, which I think makes it just a bit more girly. Plain black would be a little boring in my opinion. To make it more girly, and less black and white, I took a bright pink lipstick to finish this look. The lipstick is from Loreal and it stays on for the rest of the day ! 
Well that's it for today ! Hope you liked it !
xox Joy

What I'm wearing :
burglar striped pants - H&M, black blouse - System, shoes - Supertrash

maandag 11 november 2013

Event : The EMA's

YESSSS, yesterday I attended the exclusive Imagine Dragons EMA performance ! I had a great time, and jeezzz what a great live band ! I really didn't know all the songs they were playing, but I enjoyed the dancing and the energy of the crowd. That's something I really like when I go to a concert or when I'm performing myself. If the crowd just has a good vibe it can give me goosebumps when I'm on stage. 

But back to Imagine Dragons.. They were great ! The performance was great, the setting was amazing. They had a great decor with all kind of prints ! It made me feel like I was in a kind of fantasy or dream world. 

All kind of galaxy prints in different colors with beautiful light beams. I really think the technicians of Heineken Music Hall did a great job with this!

For the rest of the show I can say I've seen some really good performances. You can say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but personally I think she did a great job with her wrecking ball performance ! The singing was really good, contrary to Katy Perry. I know a lot of people really love Katy, but she just isn't a good singer.. The performance though, that was impressive ! Still a shame Miley had such a camel toe.. I don't blame her for wearing catsuits or anything, I would if I had such a body, but I would take one with less cut outs than the one she wore..
And one performance I truly loved was Icona Pop ! Those girls are great singers ! The tone of the voices was so close to each other that you could barely hear the voices apart from each other. You should have some knowledge to hear that ! And they pulled it off ! Amazing !

Well, that was it ! I'm sorry the pictures are of poor quality but I took them with my Iphone. 
lots of love !

zaterdag 9 november 2013

Outfit : The boyfriend cap

Hi there lovely readers, 

Today I'm wearing a cap, as you can see on the pictures, not just a cap. My boyfriends cap
Yes all sort of hats are back in this fall season. They were spotted on different bloggers like Lizzy v der Ligt. H&M and Zara sell all kinds of caps, hats and other thing you can put on your beautiful little head this season. 
I like this, because you can clearly see a difference in people who 'dare to wear' as I call it. 
It allows you to keep an outfit simple, but still look fashionable and stand out of the crowd. I like that !

Short post, again I'm sorry, but I'm really really busy today !

Also I'm having a great weekend, because tomorrow I'm going to see Imagine Dragons on the EMA's !! Yeaaaah. I'll keep you posted 

What I'm wearing :
Jeans blouse - H&M, Oversized shirt - H&M, Skinny & Shoes - Supertrash,  Cap - Boyfriends (similiar one at H&M) 

donderdag 7 november 2013

Music : Where are we now ?

Hi there,
I'm very sorry but today I can't shoot my outfits due to the rain.
I was thinking about telling you a little something about the other side of my blog.
A few days ago I talked to a good friend about my blog. She asked why I did this, because if it would only be about clothes my blog would be one of 10000 other blogs. So I thought about that. I want to show you something else. Something that no other blogger can show you, for as far as I know.

A behind the scenes of my life as a singer !
Lots of people ask me what it's like when I get on or of stage, what it looks like backstage, what I do to kill time when I'm waiting and all sort of questions. So I wanted to update you on how my carriere as a singer is so far.
I'm very excited to tell you about a great collaboration with a fantastic new DJ : Nuaru !
If you're into electronic music you're going to love his music !
Facebook :

I wish I could explain what his music is like, but that would ruin the surprise so you should really check it out yourself !

Got curious about my music ?
On my soundcloud you can find some covers I did :

Today I'm also working on the lay out of my blog ! Installed myself with a nice cup of tea and something to read :

more pictures ? instagram @joyketel 

maandag 4 november 2013

Outfit ; Monday Funday

So.. monday, here you are again. Most of the times I really detest mondays, but today it's the start of my week without school so I called it funday. I'm not really doing anything special today. I will have dinner at my friends house, because since she moved I never had the time to visit her. I'm a bit tired.. and you can tell it from my face at these pictures. 
I'm wearing this cool green jacket from my sister. She bought it a few years ago, when she first discovered Zara, and she actually never wore it. So I decided to pick it up and turn it into my "funday outfit. " Also I'm wearing my new jeans from Pathoak I bought at .
It's actually a high waisted jeans, which I loveee, but I'm not quite sure on how I'm going to combine that with other pieces from my wardrobe... I wore my black heels by H&M, because I think it's fun to walk on heels and it would match not only the name of the outfit. To finish it I wore my spike necklace, just to give it a little finishing touch. 
I hope you like it, and feel free to comment !

xo Joy

What I'm wearing :
leather jacket - Zara, top - Zara, jeans - Pathoak via, heels - H&M

zaterdag 2 november 2013

Outfit : happy halloween

Happy halloween !!
I wanted to show you my costume for this year ; A sugarskull makeup with my blackmilk crosslegging. Also this was an entry for a blackmilk contest on !
I'm going to show you in small pictures how you can recreate this look in case you still have a halloween party/rave on your planning..

My mom helped me with my makeup so most of the credit goes to her of course ! First we layed out everything we need including glitter eyeshadow + a few eyeliners

Now I'm going to show you how to make this look :
 I had my basic make up (eyeliner + mascara) on me allready, but that doesn't really matter.. Just make sure you have a good white base.
 You can outline your 'eyes' in any color you like but I especially liked this turquoise to add a little difference in the colors, because it's mostly black and white..

 Ok, here a few changes : made some dots around the eyes as a kind of border (with glitter !) and did a little extra black at the bottom of my eyes. Also we made a web on my forhead, I recommend you draw it first with a kohl eyeliner pencil, this makes it way easier !

Lips are really easy, just some vertical lines, and we made a little extra on my chin. Again first draw this with your kohl eyeliner !
Tadaaaaa !! All done ! I got the idea from the amazing Dulce Candy on Youtube. Here is the link to her tutorial :

Here are a few pictures from my entry ! I hope you liked it and I hope you had a wonderful halloween !
See ya !