woensdag 31 juli 2013

Outfit ; Soldier in the sun.

The weather in the Netherlands is a bit down these days.
So I decided to wear a skinny instead of shorts with sneakers and a shirt.
Luckily the sun remained bright and I could wear my new Ray-ban glasses ! These were custom made for me, because I actually need glasses but I'm to lazy to wear them.

I got this shirt from a dutch designer, Nikkie Plessen. I totally love her collection ! She has really cool shirts and super girly skirts ( that rhymes, haha). Love the way she combines the pieces in her collection in her lookbook. Check her webshop here : http://nikkie.nl/ 

Have a wonderful day !


What I'm wearing : Shirt - Nikkie by Nikkie Plessen, Skinny Jeans - Supertrash, Sneakers - Converse, Sunglasses - Ray-ban 

vrijdag 26 juli 2013

New in ;

Love this bikini and galaxy leggings !
When I went to repair my phone, I accidentally dropped it, I walked past a Hunkemoller store. I knew I wanted this bikini so I wanted to check if they had my size, and I was lucky ! 

Like I told you in my last post I'm crazy about leggings. When I saw these on blackfashionstore.com, I knew I had to have them. They just came in and they look great ! Already thinking about how I'm going to wear this. I'll keep you posted !

Happy friday !

galaxy leggings by Glamorous via blackfashionstore.com, bikini by Hunkemoller. 

woensdag 24 juli 2013

Outfit : comfy in leggings

Today I had a lazy day with my dog. 
I didn't feel like looking awesome so I went for a comfy outfit. 

I went to the park with my dog and my boyfriends dog, 
they had never played together and my dog is getting old, 
so I was curious if he would be nice to the little dog. 
Luckily they had a good time !
My dog is ofcourse the crazy one, rolling around in the grass. 

My sister left for Leiden today with her friend so I had to take pictures by myself, they turned out as selfies ;) But this way I can show you the supercool Iphone case I got from my best friend ! (by Juicy Couture) I love it <3

I love wearing leggings especially leggings by Blackmilk. (http://blackmilkclothing.com/
But they are expensive, so I bought this cross leggings at nelly.com where they were a lot cheaper. I must admit they are not as comfy as Blackmilks.. 
The weather is still pretty fine in the Netherlands so I wore a sleeveless top by Juicy Couture. It says : Just because I'm a girl doens't mean I'm not a queen. I bought this tee during my trip to London some time ago. 
I was wearing my pink Allstars and pink lipstick with it, but my lipstick faded and I couldn't get a good picture of my shoes.. So I'm just telling you how I wore this look. 

Have a wonderful evening ! 
xox Joy

What I'm wearing : 
Top : Juicy Couture, Legging : Club L at nelly.com

maandag 22 juli 2013

Sweet Summer Scent

We are talking about a heat wave in Holland ! Fantastic ! 
But in this temperature you sweat a lot, so you have to take care of your body scent. 
Thats why I want to write something about my favorite perfume for this summer :
Daisy  Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs <3

I bought a small bottle because I didn't know if the perfume would fit me, but I love it ! The smell of flowers and sweetness makes Daisy cute en playful. The bigger bottles are also really pretty with lots of flowers on them. You can buy the perfume at Douglas or Ici Paris. I will put the link on the bottom ;)

They sell it for a great price which makes it even a better buy !
Have a great summer !

vrijdag 19 juli 2013

Black is the new black, TGIF

Today the weather in Holland is great, and the forecast is telling me it will get even better ! I'm glad to hear that :)

This weekend will be superb, my boyfriends family are taking me out for dinner and my grandparents have their 50th anniversary ! And work just called that I have a day off so yeaaaay !

Yesterday I wore this great outfit when I went to visit some friends :

Meet my new favorite shirt and sunnies ! 
I have seen a lot of round sunglasses pass on lookbook.nu and other sites, but I have to admit when I saw these glasses I was in love. It was mostly the rose gold detail that got me to buy it. 
I also totally love this ' Badass' tshirt by Blake Seven. I bought it at http://blackfashionstore.com/, my favorite webshop at the moment. If you want to buy something black, go there ! They pick the best black buys on the market and sell them on their webshop. They have alot of clothes, shoes and accessoires under the motto 'Black is the new black'.  

Tell me what you think about this look and don't forget to follow us !

xox Joy

what I'm wearing :
shirt : http://blackfashionstore.com/, jeans : supertrash, shoes : allyssa, sunnies : Sasha 

maandag 15 juli 2013

Casual sunday look

A casual sunday look.

Yesterday the weather was nice so I decided to wear a white see-through blouse.
I combinated it with my new dipdye jeans from Supertrash and neon statement necklace.
Because of the heat I made a top bun, but a messy one ofcourse ;)

I wore this look to a casual dinner with my parents' friends. We had good food, lots of fun and drove home very late. Today the weather is even better, with a temperature up to 27 degrees. Not really what we are used to in Holland..

I hope you have a wonderful day !


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zondag 14 juli 2013

First post.. Nice to meet you !

Hi there,

nice to meet you :)

In our first post we, Joy and Bobbi, would like to introduce ourselves.

I am Joy, 18 years old.
I am the eldest sister and most times the wise one ;)
I am a passioned singer, chasing my dream.
Right now I'm also a student doing Social Studies in Eindhoven.
I love my familie and friends. I want to spend most of my time having fun, partying or investing in my future.
Carpe diem !


Well, my name is Bobbi and i am 16 years old.
I'm by sure the most crazy one, cannot deny that one :)
I love to act all crazy with friends and to take pictures, I also love to sing and play the piano.
Almost forgot: I got a big obsession with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.
I'm still in high school, i am going to my final year, damn so excited!
I REALLY don't know what I am going to do after school.
Bye Babes xox