donderdag 12 december 2013

Dutchies only !!

Zo dit wordt even een blogje in het Nederlands..
Ik ga sommige shopfreaks heel blij maken hoop ik !
Ben jij op zoek naar nieuwe sieraden voor de feestdagen of gewoon omdat je dat wel hebt verdient ?

Neem dan een kijkje op de nieuwe webshop Love for Jewels (
Dit is een nieuwe webshop met een grote variatie aan sieraden en trendy items.
Alle sieraden van dit moment kun je er kopen voor een mooi prijsje !

En het mooiste is dat ik er voor jullie nog wat af kan doen ! Met deze kortingscode ontvang je 20% korting bij je aankoop ! Ook leuk om door te geven aan vriendinnen of je vriendje..


Shop ze !

maandag 9 december 2013

Outfit : Zebra coat

I can't say I missed it. Not this monday, but next week I have a very exciting project coming up !
But you will hear about that soon enough.. 

This outfit is slightly different then what I'm used of. It's quite chic due to the zebra coat I'm wearing, more an outfit you would wear to a party or something. 
But sometimes I just like to wear skirts and dresses and definitely these beautiful over-knee boots
I loved them from the moment I first saw them. But hard to wear without making yourself look cheapy.. In my opinion over-knee boots can look very stylish in an example in an all black look. 

What do you think about this outfit ?

What I'm wearing :
zebra coat - Donna, turtle neck sweater - H&M, over-knee boots - Manfield. 

woensdag 4 december 2013

Outfit : cropped sweater

Hi there !
Today I want to show you this cropped sweater by Supertrash
I find this sweater really hard to wear because of the length of the sweater.
When you wear crop tops people expect you to have a flat tummy, which I don't so I don't really own any crop tops.. But I do like them !
I bought this cropped sweater I think a year ago and haven't really worn it often. I bought it because I loved the print when I first saw it and when I tried it on I also fell in love with the oversized fit.  
The skull print immediately strikes to me when I see it hanging in my closet, but I just find it hard to combine it. 

But I did it ! 
I made an outfit for you with this cropped sweater with basic jeans and my Isabel Marant sneakers. 
The sneaker just perfectly match the jeans and sweater ! Just a gold watch and you don't need any more asseccoires ! I hope you like it ! 

Aaaaaand today is my little sisters birthday ! Yeaaah, just want to say I love her ! 
My sister and best friend ; Bobbi 

Instagram : @joyketel

See you soon !
cheek Joy

What I'm wearing :
cropped sweater + jeans : Supertrash, Sneakers : Isabel Marant, Watch : Ikki 

maandag 2 december 2013

Outfit : Hello December

Hello December ! I hope you will be wonderful !
I love december ! It has Sinterklaas (dutch santa claus) and Christmas and not forget New Years Eve in it ! I love all the warm winter nights you can spend on the couch with hot chocolate an cozy socks an pyjamas. Speaking about that, I really need to get a new one this winter...

This outfit is of course all about the fluffy coat I'm wearing. Let's say you can't miss it ! 
I love the color of this coat, I haven't seen anything like this. I don't know which brand it's from because it's my moms coat.. Thank the gods that she saves all of her 'special' clothes for me !
I didn't really know if I should wear a scarf with this.. and if I should: black or this purple one ?
What do you think ?

What I'm wearing :
Fluffy coat, black skinny - Supertrash, scarf - replay, Shoes - Isabel Marant