vrijdag 15 november 2013

Outfit : Tomboy

Dear readers, 
Today a totally different style for me : tomboy
You can say a lot about my style, but I'm definitely not a tomboy. Thinking about that I wanted to try it, because I still had this baggy jeans hanging in my closet. I haven't worn it very often so decided that it was about time I would start wearing it again. 
When you wear baggy jeans I personally find it important to style it in your very own way, as every one would wear a piece differently. I like to wear baggy jeans with tight tops and some nice accessoires. This beanie seemed to fit perfectly with the grey shirt I'm wearing and to make it a bit more girly I wore this diamond necklace. 
You see a lot of people styling baggy jeans with blazers and heels, which I also like but it's getting a little cold to wear open shoes. 

Also there are two new performances coming up ! 
About a week the first one will be. It's been some time since I last performed so I'm really excited !! 
Though it's just one song, I still like it, knowing there will be more sessions to come and stuff like that. 

But back to fashion ! 
Do you like this look ? What do you think about the baggy jeans look ?

Enjoy your weekend !   

 What I'm wearing :
Baggy jeans - Gstar, Top - Only, Beanie - Asos.com, Necklace - H&M

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