woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Outfit : Back to school

Since two days my new school year started. It was kind of weird going back to college and sitting in class for a whole day... But it's good to see my classmates again !
We have to start many new subjects and I haven't even got all my books yet, but I do have a 'back to school' outfit !
I went with something comfy and not too edgy, just didn't feel like it. It's kind of a skaterlook ! This is a quick post, because I'm going for dinner with my love in a few minutes. Hope you like it ! 

xox Joy

What I'm wearing :
Baggy jeans - Gstar, Shirt - Zara TRF, Sneakers - Converse Allstars

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

Outfit : White Autumn

Dear readers,

The new edition of Vogue came in a few days ago. Reading through it I spotted so many trends I'm really happy about, like leather or the grunge look. I love it !

Vogue said it would be a white autumn this year. I agree because I think that the grey rainy sky could use some fresh colors ( like white). Since it was the last day that had a real summer feeling I decided to go with a white and flowing look.

I wore some nice and small jewelry with it,

I love the back of this top. I also love the simplicity of it, but because of the fabric it still just looks great. 

It's a shame that my bra-straps are so obvious but wearing nothing underneath this top is in my opinion just not done.. 
I have gotten many more ideas for this ' white autumn' I hope to show you soon ! 

What I'm wearing :
Top - Zara, Jeans - MET jeans, Sneakers - Converse allstars, golden diamond hamsa necklace- claires, coin necklace - mimoneda 

zondag 18 augustus 2013

Outfit ; Party all night + arm party !

Lately I've been to some amazing parties.
Last week I went to a party called Campingparty 't Hosselaar. What a blast I had there ! This is a party given by some guys I know who live on a big farm in the small town I live in. They are all DJ's and want to throw a festival kind of party for free. So they do this every year in their backyard ( which is huge !) There were almost 500 people attending the party and the vibe was great ! So many friendly faces, I loved it !

Yesterday my best friends threw his birthday party at the youth centre I used to work. We had so much fun doing karaoke and laughing over memories.
I decided to show you the outfit I wore to my BFFs party.

I'm sorry the pictures turned out so crappy, but I had to take them last minute.. That didn't turn out too well. 
This was the outfit I wore last night and a close up from my arm party :)

Have a good start of your week ! 


What I'm wearing : 
Glitter shirt - Charlie Joe via Lace Best, Striped pants - H&M, Sneaker Wegdes - Supertrash. 

donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Trend/Outfit : Double statement necklace

Hi y'all !

Lately I've seen a new trend pasing by that I really like : wearing more then one statement necklace !
I wanted to try it so I created an outfit.

As you can see the outfit is actually very simple so you keep your eyes on the different necklaces. I tried to wear a basic shirt with it as well, but it lacked a bit of color so I went with this one. 

Here is a close up of the jewelry :

And here is some inspiration for you :

I hope you like this trend as much as I do ! 

Happy thursday !

What I'm wearing :
Shirt - Happiness is a $10 tee, Jeans - MET jeans, spiked statement necklace - Sasha, pink diamond statement necklace - H&M, Shoes - converse. 

zondag 11 augustus 2013

Outfit ; Simply Grey

Hi loves,
I want to show you a look I wore a few days ago, when it got colder in the Netherlands.
The sky looked grey so I figured I could make a look for such a day.

It's a very basic and simple look, I like that when I don't have to get out of the house. On those days I just stay inside and blog or play a videogame. 
I wore simple jewelry like a small bracelet and my golden watch. To spice up the look a little I went with a deep color red lipstick. 

I hope you like it ! 


What I'm wearing :
Top - Zara TRF, Dipdye jeans - Supertrash, Golden watch - Ikki, Sneakers - Converse Allstars

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Outfit ; New Galaxy

Hi loves, today is a rainy day in the small town I live in. Weather has been so great these days, but it seems to be all gone now. So we're back to wearing leggings and jeans instead of shorts. I want to show you this outfit with my new galaxy leggings by Glamorous. I bought them at www.blackfashionstore.com .  I was so happy I bought these, because I love the colors of them. I wasn't quite sure which shoes I should wear with them, but I wanted to keep it simple so I went with my converse allstars. 

I hope you like this look as much as I do ! Feel free to comment ;)
Have a nice day !

What I'm wearing :
Galaxy leggings - Glamorous via www.blackfashionstore.com , basic grey tee - H&M, Allstars sneakers - Converse, statement necklace - Sasha. 

zondag 4 augustus 2013

Outfit ; Festival Fever

Good morning loves,
yesterday I went to a great festival : Holi festival of colours in Utrecht !
It is a festival that reminds of the colour festival in India. Here is a nice picture I made during the throwing of the powder.

I had a wonderful time ! It's great throwing coloured powder at people and nobody seemed to mind getting all dirty. It was a shame though that the music sounded all the same.. 

As I said, me and my friends looked very colourfull, but felt really dirty at the end. 

There were so many people attending the festival, which surprised me, because I hadn't seen any promotion for it. Another thing I noticed was that everybody, mostly girls, had really dressed up and didn't care about getting their clothes dirty at all. Many girls wore flowers in their hair or bandana's with shorts and flowing tops. I was a little concerned with my clothes never getting the same color back, so I didn't dress up my best, but I do want to show you what I was wearing !

I think that when you go to a festival the first thing you need is comfort. I put my vans on, because they are so comfy, and because of the heat I wore shorts and a tank top with racer back. 
To make the combination a bit more glamorous I put on red lipstick ( full speed by Mac) 
Let me know what you think about this look !

What I'm wearing :
Tank Top - Diesel, Shorts - Market, Shoes - Vans, Lipstick - Mac, color : full speed.