vrijdag 29 november 2013

Music : all sunday long

Hi there,
last sunday was a day full of music. I loved it !
I always love it when I get to perform and watch others at the same time.
I started by picking out my clothes and make up. Then I hurried to the youth centre where we would perform that day. My song was almost on the top of the list, so we were one of the first to perform.
Everything went well, I wasn't nervous.
The vibe in the audience was great, people were singing along and clapping.
When I was about to go home my teacher came to me with a question. He asked me if I could do the backing vocals in one more song. Well ofcourse !
When I could finally go home I noticed I was tired, but I didn't just want to have dinner and spent the rest of my evening on the couch.

Soooo I went back to the youth centre to watch the Sunday Session.
These are sessions organised by the man who runs the education centre where I get my music lessons.
I always love to watch those sessions. It's like you walk right into somebody's living room and people are sitting there making music..

This is a picture I took with my Iphone to give you an impression of what these sessions look like.. 
The music is always good and so is the vibe. 
I just love how there are still places you can just walk in for free and see people pouring their hearts into music !

Now you are of course curious about what I sung on sunday.. 
I did a duet, something I'm not really used to, with Eefje. Eefje is a singer- songwriter I know, she has a whole different kind of voice compared to mine, but hers is just beautiful. I love how we sound together! 

Let me know what you think !
And if you live around eindhoven I suggest you come check out the sunday sessions
See you there !

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