donderdag 21 november 2013

Shopping : Primark Eindhoven

Hi there lovelies !
Yes yes I know you've probably seen it on every dutch blog you read : A new Primark opened in Eindhoven !
And now Eindhoven happens to be the city I was born and where I go to school, so I will see a lot of this new Primark. Which I don't mind of course.
I read some blogs the other day about the great opening and stuff, which I couldn't attend because I had to go to school. Still I had to go see it for myself...
I had to stand IN LINE to get inside ! Yes even the day after it was still super busy at the new Primark.
But once I was inside it seemed like I had stepped right into a shoppingwalhalla, my god that place is huge ! And of course you don't enter a 'shoppingwalhalla' without doing a little shopping...
So I want to show what I bought, although it's not much.

As you might know by now I love burgundy ! And when I saw this top I just couldn't leave it and with some matching necklaces I almost had a complete new outfit ! On the top I really like the leather detail around the neck. And not to mention what I had to pay for it.. 

Further more I really liked the department in the basement. That's where they store the cute pyjamas and slippers ! Perfect for the cold weather in the Netherlands !
Soooo that is all for now ! I hope I can shoot some pictures tomorrow to make a new outfitpost.. 

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