zaterdag 2 november 2013

Outfit : happy halloween

Happy halloween !!
I wanted to show you my costume for this year ; A sugarskull makeup with my blackmilk crosslegging. Also this was an entry for a blackmilk contest on !
I'm going to show you in small pictures how you can recreate this look in case you still have a halloween party/rave on your planning..

My mom helped me with my makeup so most of the credit goes to her of course ! First we layed out everything we need including glitter eyeshadow + a few eyeliners

Now I'm going to show you how to make this look :
 I had my basic make up (eyeliner + mascara) on me allready, but that doesn't really matter.. Just make sure you have a good white base.
 You can outline your 'eyes' in any color you like but I especially liked this turquoise to add a little difference in the colors, because it's mostly black and white..

 Ok, here a few changes : made some dots around the eyes as a kind of border (with glitter !) and did a little extra black at the bottom of my eyes. Also we made a web on my forhead, I recommend you draw it first with a kohl eyeliner pencil, this makes it way easier !

Lips are really easy, just some vertical lines, and we made a little extra on my chin. Again first draw this with your kohl eyeliner !
Tadaaaaa !! All done ! I got the idea from the amazing Dulce Candy on Youtube. Here is the link to her tutorial :

Here are a few pictures from my entry ! I hope you liked it and I hope you had a wonderful halloween !
See ya !

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