zondag 29 september 2013

Outfit ; Paint drips

Hi there !
It's been a while since my last post ! But I'm back !
In today's outfit I wanted to show you these vintage timberlands I got from my mom. As you can see in the picture above, it's covered in paint drips. My mom used to work in these shoes and that's how they got this look. And she wanted to just throw them away, what a waste right ?
This model is no longer in the stores, because it's 20 years old so I own a unique pair of timberlands now. I'm wearing a hazel colored cardigan with it and an animal printed scarf. Otherwise it looked a little boring.
This friday one of my articles was posted on beautybyts.blogspot.com , which I think is great ! This way I hope I can get more views on my blog... Also modepolitie posted my outfit to their facebookpage today. I was curious to hear the opinions of others, but some of the comments were so rude ! I think that's just sad.. Ofcourse I'm asking for an opinion, but my mom always says : If you can't say it nicely, don't say anything at all. Yeah right there !
And last but not least.. I'm starting to get a few things on the road for my singing ! So excited !!
I hope to tell you more soon !

What I'm wearing :
cardigan - pieces, jeans - MET jeans, top - america today, shoes - timberlands

woensdag 25 september 2013

Outfit; Everything has changed

Dear readers, 

I like the fall. I can wear long vests again ! I also like how everything changes in color. Today I saw the first brown, yellow and red leaves. Everything has changed. So have I. 
I'm starting to wear skirts again, who would have thought that. People used to tell me I don't look good in skirts, so I haven't worn one for a long time. Today I felt like changing that and with this long vest I think it looks pretty good.
Almost everything I'm wearing is actually property of my sister.. but I like wearing her clothes ! We come up with such different ideas on how to dress that it's always funny to borrow each others clothes and see how we look. 
Hope you like this look, feel free to leave a comment !

Oh and I created a Facebook page... like button is on the side ! 

What I'm wearing :
aztec vest- elvita,  black dress - h&m, tights - v&d, boots - shoeline. 

maandag 23 september 2013

Outfit ; Tell me that you want me

Hi there readers, 
Blegh it's monday ! Most of the times I don't really mind mondays, but today I do ( like the rest of the internet). I had to get out of bed early and offcourse I didn't really feel that.. 
But luckily I've got a brand new outfit to show you ! Look at my new shoes ! It was love at first sight. Don't you think they look a little like Isabel Marant sneakers ? They sure do ! I just love the contrast in the colors and they are super comfortable to wear. And no these are not Isabel Marant, sadly, the sneakers are by March23. If I'm correctly informed it's a brand from Belgium, but I never heard of it until blackfashionstore.com put these shoes on their webshop. 
For a fall look I love burgundy, it's such a warm and pretty color. Just fit for fall. This top is super comfy, but there's a puncture under my arm. It's my favorite shirt, so I have to repair that as soon as possible. I first thought of wearing a black top, but I wanted something a little different so I went for this. 
Coming back to the tittle of this outfitpost, I will tell you what I want ! I want a nice thick scarf for the fall, which I'm probably going to look for tomorrow... And what more do I want ? Hmm maybe tee with some nice chocolate chip cookies. My fall favorite food ! 
Now tell me, what do you want for this fall ? 

What I'm wearing :
Top - Zara, Jeans - MET jeans, Necklace - nelly.com, Shoes - March23 

vrijdag 20 september 2013

Trend : Fall trends

Hi loves,
Today I was walking through Eindhoven and I spotted a few trends I wanted to write about.
Looking in the shop-windows it didn't really seem to matter what you are going wear this fall as long as you use some uncommon fabric. If it's leather, fur, sequins or animal/aztec print you can go totally wild this fall !

- Furry coats
A musthave this fall that I personally love love love ! If its short and thick fur or long fluffy hair doesn't matter, everything is possible. Soft and warm and it doesn't bite, who wouldn't want a furry friend like that ?  Ofcourse we are all going for a fake fur coat, to save some of the sweet animals. I found an old fur coat of my mom last week which is totally gonna be on my blog soon. Here are some pictures to inspire you :

- Grunge look
The grunge look is back this fall, spotted on different runways ( Saint Laurent, Dries van Noten, Phillip Lim). Most bloggers have picked it up starting with checkered print and cut out boots. But lets not forget the leather jackets and pants, which were also a real hit last year. You can find a checkered shirt at almost every shop, like zara. They also have a really nice checkered coat this season !

- Aztec scarfs
I have seen them everywhere ! In all the small webshops I know you can find a big aztec-printed scarf in every color you can imagine. Personally I'm not a big fan of this trend, but I might grow to like it.. I do like big scarfs which you can wrap around like 10000 times, hmm so cozy.
This scarf is by the dutch webshop Follow Fashion (http://shop.followfashion.nl/)

A symmetric skirts :
Yeah you can read it, the skort is here to stay ! But I've also seen allot of draped skirts, which actually got the same look as a skort but then it's really a skirt. I think this is a nice trend, because I'm not really a girlie kind of girl anyway.. and I think a skort looks allot tougher then a skirt.
Some more trends who will keep hanging around this season are the sneakerwedges. Which blogger haven't you seen in them ?? And yes, even I own a pair or two.. Ofcourse the Isabel Marants are the most wanted but there are brands who are a bit more, uhm affordable.
Also you will keep on seeing studs on your clothes and shoes because they aren't going anywhere soon either. Which is a good thing for everybody who did a DIY with studs on their stuff, because you can stay very fashionable this way !
That's it for now ! EnJoy your weekend !

woensdag 18 september 2013

Outfit ; Studs and a purple bandana

Damn, autumn has really started in the Netherlands it seems... It's so cold outside ! Well it does mean that I can wear allot of nice long-sleeved tops and I'm going with some comfy looks this fall. And with comfy I immediately start thinking about the color grey, which I love for the fall. 

My hair was looking a little odd today, so I decided I'd put a bandana in my hair. I also found my nice studded Uggs by Glamorous I bought last year. They are so nice and warm ! They're not so girlie because of the studs and that's why I bought them. I don't really like Uggs, although I have some pairs, but thats because they are very comfortable ! 

I hope you like this look, feel free to post a comment ! 

What I'm wearing : 
Loose Sweatshirt - Brandy Melville, Destroyed Jeans - MET Jeans, Studded Uggs - Glamorous, Purple Bandana - Market. 

maandag 16 september 2013

Outfit ; To have the world as my stage

So here are a few photo's from my performance yesterday... It was kind of different than what I'm used to, because it sounds so different when you are performing outside ( on a market). I think it's so nice my friends came to see me ! And as I was hoping for I saw allot of familiar faces, I always like that. I had a great time, but I'm a little worried about my throat. Suddenly something didn't seem right and it felt horrible.. I hope it will go away soon.
Further more I'm so happy with this disco pants from nelly.com :). It makes me look so thin, I love it !

What I'm wearing :
jacket - H&M, badass shirt - blake seven via blackfashionstore.com, disco pants - Fanny Lyckmann for estradeur via nelly.com 

vrijdag 13 september 2013

Outfit ; Ground control to major Tom

Cheers to the freakin' weekend ! And as you can see I'm posting a new outfit. I've already shown you this galaxy legging by glamorous, but I love to find new combinations for it. I came up with this when I was going through my closet and I saw this blazer ( just hanging around). I haven't worn it in years so I decided I would find something nice to wear it with. I think it's so funny how people always stare at me when I'm wearing these kind of leggings, but luckily I also get allot of compliments ! 

This weekend I finally get to perform again ! So happy about it ! Singing still is my one true passion and I hope allot of people will come to see me, maybe see some familiar faces.. 
I'll keep you posted !

EnJoy your weekend !

What I'm wearing :
Blazer - Only, Top - Zara, Galaxy leggings - Glamorous via blackfashionstore.com , Bikerboots - Shoeline Eindhoven. 

woensdag 11 september 2013

Outfit ; Coat of many colors

Hi there, I totally love this aztec-print coat by Zara ! I bought it in the sale, because otherwise I thought it would be too expensive. I'm just a poor student so I have to count every penny.. 
Sadly this beautiful coat doesn't go with every outfit, so I don't wear it very often. I like it most with a nice black skinny and a white shirt to make the colors of the coat pop. I call it my coat of many colors, wondering why ? It's because of the song by Dolly Parton, I think it's so beautiful and when I first saw this coat I immediately had to think about the song. Got curious ? You can listen to the song HERE

With a big black scarf and my Celine bag I'm ready for school ! 
Hope you liked it ! 

What I'm wearing :
Aztec-print coat - Zara, Black skinny - Supertrash, White blouse - Zara, Sneakerwedges - Supertrash, Scarf - Pieces

vrijdag 6 september 2013

Outfit & Event : Vogue Fashion night out !

Lovely readers, I had such a great time at the Vogue Fashion Night Out yesterday ! I can recommend everyone to go there, not only if you're into fashion, but just to feel the vibe that is in the air on such an event. There were so many different people with different sense of style, I loved it ! Here I want to show you what I was wearing and where I've been. I went to Amsterdam with my best friend. There was champagne everywhere so that was a big plus for me ! Sipping Moet Chandon at Louis Vuitton and having fun in the Micheal Kors store. Damn, I love those bags so much ! 

Also, there was music everywhere on the streets. Something I personally love ! I was so impressed by the lady singing opera.. it was brilliant ! Also I love the sax, and this guy was standing next to a Lamborghini, at first sight he seemed to be standing on it, but there was a platform next to the car.. I expected to see Candy Dulfer ( a dutch female saxplayer), but I just missed her.. 

My best friend and I had a great time laughing and sipping all the champagne we could get. We first walked into a Gstar store, a brand I totally love ! I spotted some amazing jackets in their new collection, but they are known for their jeans. At the store we immediately had our picture taken, a polaroid picture.   Very cute !

 I had a great evening with a lot of fun and in the end I got a nice shirt from Vogue, Thanks ! 

What I'm wearing :
Loose basic burgundy top - H&M, Disco Pants - nelly.com, Slippers - Shoeline Eindhoven, Bag - Celine Paris, Accessoires - Sasha shoes.  

dinsdag 3 september 2013

Outfit ; Pink Galaxy

Hi loves,
The outfit I want to show you might seem a bit simple because of the basic shirt and such, but I don't like to wear shirts with striking print on a legging thats striking on its own.
Todays outfit contains my favorite legging, my pink galaxy legging by Blackmilk Clothing. They have amazing leggings !
You should check their website : HERE

It's probably one of the favorite pieces in my wardrobe ! They're so comfortable and I love the colours. I wore them with sneakerwedges and some nice bracelets and a lion ring, the ring was a gift from my best friend.

What I'm wearing :
Top - Zara, Legging - Blackmilk Clothing, Bracelets and ring - gifts, Sneakerwedge - Supertrash, Sunnies - Rayban (custom made). 

maandag 2 september 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

With a new name I have to reclaim my blog on bloglovin.. so please follow !


A different name.. Why ?

Today I switched the name of this blog from Front Row Sisters to Joy 'n Spice.
Why ?
Because Bobbi didn't feel much for blogging anyway so it wasn't really a sister-thing we were doing..
There are some fun things coming soon like a banner and a nice event I'm going to in Amsterdam !

Hope to see more people following this blog and liking my view on fashion !
See ya !