donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Event : Levi's VIP party

Hi y'all !
You want to know about my adventures at the Levi's VIP Party ? I'm going to tell you anyway..
This whole party was about the release of a new kind of jeans, the revel jeans, in this jeans you will look better in anyway ! For example, your legs will look taller and you will look skinnier in this jeans. Fantastic right ? And all due to the stitching on the jeans, which also makes your behind look better ;)

 They made 3 different kinds of this revel jeans, depending on how curvy you are ; the sleight curve, the demi curve and the bold curve. So this jeans is really about making your figure look better the way it is. As you can see on the picture they had three models, all a different kind of curve to show the differences in the stitching.
Sarah, the leading lady of this project was explaining all of this to us in a speech. Look at her shoes, I love them !

And of course after the speech comes the fitting !
My sizes were measured and I was a demi, as I expected.
The jeans are comfy and come in beautiful colors (also in red as you can see) and it's true that the stitching does make your figure look better !

They were also showing a new make up line by Ellis Faas, a dutch make up artist. Every one could get a nice color of lipstick on them to try it. And in the end we got one lipstick in our goody bag, I will show you that another time.  I had a nice poppy pink on the event which looked great with what I was wearing. Now I'm telling you all this you are of course wondering what I was wearing to this event. Allright, I'll show you !

This purple boyfriend blouse just came in to the mail a few days ago, I loved the color of it. I bought it at for a fine price. I didn't want to look like I was trying to hard. So I decided to keep it simple and wear a fake leather legging and a nice gold statement necklace. When I arrived I saw so many people wearing beanies inside or backpacks, that's for me an example of trying hard to stand out. I mean, I love beanies, still looking to buy a cute one, but I don't think I would wear that to an event like this.. 
Do you like my look ? Just leave a comment !

What I'm wearing :
purple boyfriend blouse - Dry lake via, statement necklace - New look , fake leather legging - H&M 

zondag 27 oktober 2013

Outfit : Contrast

Dear readers,
Tomorrow is my only exam of this semester, so today I had some time to shoot a new outfit for y'all !
I wore this to a party yesterday, and liked it so much I wanted to show it to you.
I like the contrasts in this outfit with the black, the beige in my shoes and top and the denim jacket.
I always love big color contrasts, they kind of speak to me. Definitely when you look at my shoes, beige and black is a huge contrast in colors, but I loved them the moment I saw them.
I'm keeping it short so I can go back to studying for the exam tomorrow...
Do you like this look ? Let me know !

xox Joy

What I' wearing :
Denim jacket - Lace damesmode, Top - Pull and bear, Jeans - Supertrash, Shoes - Isabel Marant.

woensdag 23 oktober 2013

I'm a soldier

Here we go again ! A new outfit post..
I've shown you this shirt in summer already, but suddenly the weather felt like being spring again so I was able to wear a short sleeved shirt. Sadly only for one day, but I wanted to make an outfit post for you. Also to show you this beautiful ripped jeans I got from H&M this summer. Looks gorgeous right ? I'm not wearing jewelry on this look, but I found this fancy belt. I thought to myself I don't need jewelry when I have got this belt on ! 
I just finished all my assignments for school and I'm sooo happy ! I hope to go to a nice party tomorrow to celebrate my hard work ! And off course I hope the hard work pays off. 
I don't really have a lot to tell you... I just hope you like this look ! Let me know what you think !

What I'm wearing :
Soldier shirt - Nikkie by Nikkie Plessen, Ripped jeans - H&M, Belt - Unknown 

dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Outfit : So what ? I'm still a rockstar

Hi there readers ! 
As you can see ; I made a new outfit post. I decided to wear my Lita's again, because it's been a while. When some time ago I saw this cute golden sweater in my closet I decided it would look so cool with these shoes. There is a tiger on the sweater, but you can barely see it. That's why I liked it so much, because last year the Kenzo tiger was so huge and every one had such a sweater. And styled it with a beautiful small golden bracelet by Modemusthaves, a dutch webshop I really like. I just love the combination ! 
I always get a lot of looks on these shoes, but also a lot of compliments ! I really like them myself, and I should wear them more often. They just look so kickass haha 

A short post for now, because I'm finishing many school projects right now ! But I hope to be shooting a new outfit tomorrow !
Let me know what you think about this look !
xo Joy

What I'm wearing :
golden sweater - Zara, Jeans - Supertrash, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Infinity bracelet - Modemusthaves. 

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Outfit ; White knit

Well hi ! Long time no see !
I know it has been a while since my last blogpost, and I'm really sorry about that. It's just that I'm so super busy with school that I barely had time to shoot any outfits. I'm a little stressed to get all of my assignments finished on time. 
For the sake of studying I went for a comfortable outfit today. Leggings and a long knit, yes ! 
You just throw it on and go, and because of the galaxy print on this great legging by Blackmilk Clothing (see here : it still looks fashionable. Love this legging !
And then this soft long knit I got at Brandy & Melville shop in Amsterdam, so nice and soft ! It's a little long for such a small person as myself, but looks great on a printed legging !
As you can see I didn't put much of an effort in my hair, I made it like this when I woke up, because I got behind my laptop right after breakfast. So yeah I'm going back to stu(dying) again !
Hope you like this outfit ! Let me know what you think !

What I'm wearing :
Pink galaxy legging - Blackmilk Clothing, White Knit - Brandy & Melville, Bikerboots - Shoeline 

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Outfit ; Oh boy

Having some fun when I thought my sister wasn't watching.. 

Quick outfit post just before my weekend will start ! And my vacation ! 
On this post I'm wearing this super yellow blazer I bought more then a year ago at Only. Little did I know this color was going to be such a hype this autumn. I'm wearing some basic clothes with this blazer, because it is a statement on itself in my opinion. But for a change I wanted to create strong eye make up. I haven't done that in a while so it took some practice before I was satisfied with the result. Also this eye look is perfect for the weekend ! 
Well a really exciting weekend is ahead of me and it's full of parties ! I love it ! 
I hope you like this look ! Feel free to comment !

What I'm wearing :
Yellow blazer - Only, Top - Boy Londen, Skinny jeans - Supertrash,  Sneaker wedge - Supertrash.

woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Outfit ; The color of autumn

The color of autumn.. I can honestly say that this autumn my favorite color is burgundy ! Such a warm nice color. And you can combinate it with many other colors ! When you are a brunette this color looks really good on you ! When you're a blond you can also wear burgundy this fall, but you can also go with yellow which is also really a thing this fall ! Today I'm not wearing a lot of details, because I'm very busy with school.. So I had to shoot these pictures really fast and get back to work. 
To still make it look a little edgy I wore these awesome Jeffrey Campbell's I bought in Amsterdam a while ago. I always get so many compliments on these shoes, mostly on the fact that I can walk on these babes for a whole day straight.. Maybe it's one of my hidden talents ?
As I'm really really busy I'm going to keep this post short ! 
Hope you like this look, feel free to comment ! 

What I'm wearing :
Burgundy skinny - Market, Badass tee - Blake Seven via, Jacket - Only, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell.

maandag 7 oktober 2013

Outfit ; Favorite leather jacket

Hello there,
A nice start of my week : I'm having a day off ! I wanted to show you my favorite leather jacket today.
I love the nice details is has on the shoulders, patched jackets seem to be a hype now ! I'm suddenly seeing them in many webshops which doesn't surprise me because they just look so good. A basic but sophisticated look for a jacket. Further more I'm wearing a studded white blouse and simple grey skinny. Because the trousers are a bit too long for my short legs the zippers keep opening when I walk.. I think that doesn't really look good, but I can't really help it.
I hope you like this look, let me know what you think !

What I'm wearing :
Leather jacket - Zara, Blouse - Zara, Grey skinny - H&M, Sneakers - Converse.

vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Starbucks is here !

Starbucks is here !
This week the Starbucks openend in Eindhoven (where I go to school), and it's been super busy since it opened. I only went there twice, but I realy like it ! The staff is realy nice and they have a good sense of humor. I'ts funny though that some people simply cannot pronounce my name right.. But as you see the guy taking my order did know my name ;)

Well new outfits are coming soon !

EnJoy your weekend !

woensdag 2 oktober 2013

Outfit ; Match game

Hi there readers, 
Today I'm wearing a sporty and comfortable outfit with a little glitter here and there. I had so many appointments today, so I was in need of a comfy outfit. Don't you think my shoes just perfectly match my shirt ?! Indeed. Well as you can see at the last pictures I have a very happy looking smile on my face.. Because the fair is in town ! That means cotton-candy and I love that soooo much ! Sweet fluffy goodness  ahhh yeah ! 
I wanted to tell you something about the store where I bought this lovely sequins baseball shirt. The store is called Lace Damesmode ( dutch, yes) in a town called Best. This is near the place where I live. The store is owned by a nice lady, who happens to be my neighbor. She is always willing to help me when I have style issues or other problems with make up or anything. I just wanted to say that if you live in or near Best you should totally go visit her shop ! She sells great brands like Armani Jeans, Nikki Plessen, Liu Jo and many more ! 

I hope you like this look, feel free to comment !

x Joy

What I'm wearing :
Sequins baseball shirt - Bobby Bluez via Lace Damesmode, Black jeans - Supertrash, Sunglasses - Sacha, Shoes - Supertrash via Doreen.