maandag 2 december 2013

Outfit : Hello December

Hello December ! I hope you will be wonderful !
I love december ! It has Sinterklaas (dutch santa claus) and Christmas and not forget New Years Eve in it ! I love all the warm winter nights you can spend on the couch with hot chocolate an cozy socks an pyjamas. Speaking about that, I really need to get a new one this winter...

This outfit is of course all about the fluffy coat I'm wearing. Let's say you can't miss it ! 
I love the color of this coat, I haven't seen anything like this. I don't know which brand it's from because it's my moms coat.. Thank the gods that she saves all of her 'special' clothes for me !
I didn't really know if I should wear a scarf with this.. and if I should: black or this purple one ?
What do you think ?

What I'm wearing :
Fluffy coat, black skinny - Supertrash, scarf - replay, Shoes - Isabel Marant

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