zaterdag 9 november 2013

Outfit : The boyfriend cap

Hi there lovely readers, 

Today I'm wearing a cap, as you can see on the pictures, not just a cap. My boyfriends cap
Yes all sort of hats are back in this fall season. They were spotted on different bloggers like Lizzy v der Ligt. H&M and Zara sell all kinds of caps, hats and other thing you can put on your beautiful little head this season. 
I like this, because you can clearly see a difference in people who 'dare to wear' as I call it. 
It allows you to keep an outfit simple, but still look fashionable and stand out of the crowd. I like that !

Short post, again I'm sorry, but I'm really really busy today !

Also I'm having a great weekend, because tomorrow I'm going to see Imagine Dragons on the EMA's !! Yeaaaah. I'll keep you posted 

What I'm wearing :
Jeans blouse - H&M, Oversized shirt - H&M, Skinny & Shoes - Supertrash,  Cap - Boyfriends (similiar one at H&M) 

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