donderdag 7 november 2013

Music : Where are we now ?

Hi there,
I'm very sorry but today I can't shoot my outfits due to the rain.
I was thinking about telling you a little something about the other side of my blog.
A few days ago I talked to a good friend about my blog. She asked why I did this, because if it would only be about clothes my blog would be one of 10000 other blogs. So I thought about that. I want to show you something else. Something that no other blogger can show you, for as far as I know.

A behind the scenes of my life as a singer !
Lots of people ask me what it's like when I get on or of stage, what it looks like backstage, what I do to kill time when I'm waiting and all sort of questions. So I wanted to update you on how my carriere as a singer is so far.
I'm very excited to tell you about a great collaboration with a fantastic new DJ : Nuaru !
If you're into electronic music you're going to love his music !
Facebook :

I wish I could explain what his music is like, but that would ruin the surprise so you should really check it out yourself !

Got curious about my music ?
On my soundcloud you can find some covers I did :

Today I'm also working on the lay out of my blog ! Installed myself with a nice cup of tea and something to read :

more pictures ? instagram @joyketel 

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