maandag 4 november 2013

Outfit ; Monday Funday

So.. monday, here you are again. Most of the times I really detest mondays, but today it's the start of my week without school so I called it funday. I'm not really doing anything special today. I will have dinner at my friends house, because since she moved I never had the time to visit her. I'm a bit tired.. and you can tell it from my face at these pictures. 
I'm wearing this cool green jacket from my sister. She bought it a few years ago, when she first discovered Zara, and she actually never wore it. So I decided to pick it up and turn it into my "funday outfit. " Also I'm wearing my new jeans from Pathoak I bought at .
It's actually a high waisted jeans, which I loveee, but I'm not quite sure on how I'm going to combine that with other pieces from my wardrobe... I wore my black heels by H&M, because I think it's fun to walk on heels and it would match not only the name of the outfit. To finish it I wore my spike necklace, just to give it a little finishing touch. 
I hope you like it, and feel free to comment !

xo Joy

What I'm wearing :
leather jacket - Zara, top - Zara, jeans - Pathoak via, heels - H&M

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