donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Event : Levi's VIP party

Hi y'all !
You want to know about my adventures at the Levi's VIP Party ? I'm going to tell you anyway..
This whole party was about the release of a new kind of jeans, the revel jeans, in this jeans you will look better in anyway ! For example, your legs will look taller and you will look skinnier in this jeans. Fantastic right ? And all due to the stitching on the jeans, which also makes your behind look better ;)

 They made 3 different kinds of this revel jeans, depending on how curvy you are ; the sleight curve, the demi curve and the bold curve. So this jeans is really about making your figure look better the way it is. As you can see on the picture they had three models, all a different kind of curve to show the differences in the stitching.
Sarah, the leading lady of this project was explaining all of this to us in a speech. Look at her shoes, I love them !

And of course after the speech comes the fitting !
My sizes were measured and I was a demi, as I expected.
The jeans are comfy and come in beautiful colors (also in red as you can see) and it's true that the stitching does make your figure look better !

They were also showing a new make up line by Ellis Faas, a dutch make up artist. Every one could get a nice color of lipstick on them to try it. And in the end we got one lipstick in our goody bag, I will show you that another time.  I had a nice poppy pink on the event which looked great with what I was wearing. Now I'm telling you all this you are of course wondering what I was wearing to this event. Allright, I'll show you !

This purple boyfriend blouse just came in to the mail a few days ago, I loved the color of it. I bought it at for a fine price. I didn't want to look like I was trying to hard. So I decided to keep it simple and wear a fake leather legging and a nice gold statement necklace. When I arrived I saw so many people wearing beanies inside or backpacks, that's for me an example of trying hard to stand out. I mean, I love beanies, still looking to buy a cute one, but I don't think I would wear that to an event like this.. 
Do you like my look ? Just leave a comment !

What I'm wearing :
purple boyfriend blouse - Dry lake via, statement necklace - New look , fake leather legging - H&M 

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