vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Outfit ; Oh boy

Having some fun when I thought my sister wasn't watching.. 

Quick outfit post just before my weekend will start ! And my vacation ! 
On this post I'm wearing this super yellow blazer I bought more then a year ago at Only. Little did I know this color was going to be such a hype this autumn. I'm wearing some basic clothes with this blazer, because it is a statement on itself in my opinion. But for a change I wanted to create strong eye make up. I haven't done that in a while so it took some practice before I was satisfied with the result. Also this eye look is perfect for the weekend ! 
Well a really exciting weekend is ahead of me and it's full of parties ! I love it ! 
I hope you like this look ! Feel free to comment !

What I'm wearing :
Yellow blazer - Only, Top - Boy Londen, Skinny jeans - Supertrash,  Sneaker wedge - Supertrash.

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