maandag 23 september 2013

Outfit ; Tell me that you want me

Hi there readers, 
Blegh it's monday ! Most of the times I don't really mind mondays, but today I do ( like the rest of the internet). I had to get out of bed early and offcourse I didn't really feel that.. 
But luckily I've got a brand new outfit to show you ! Look at my new shoes ! It was love at first sight. Don't you think they look a little like Isabel Marant sneakers ? They sure do ! I just love the contrast in the colors and they are super comfortable to wear. And no these are not Isabel Marant, sadly, the sneakers are by March23. If I'm correctly informed it's a brand from Belgium, but I never heard of it until put these shoes on their webshop. 
For a fall look I love burgundy, it's such a warm and pretty color. Just fit for fall. This top is super comfy, but there's a puncture under my arm. It's my favorite shirt, so I have to repair that as soon as possible. I first thought of wearing a black top, but I wanted something a little different so I went for this. 
Coming back to the tittle of this outfitpost, I will tell you what I want ! I want a nice thick scarf for the fall, which I'm probably going to look for tomorrow... And what more do I want ? Hmm maybe tee with some nice chocolate chip cookies. My fall favorite food ! 
Now tell me, what do you want for this fall ? 

What I'm wearing :
Top - Zara, Jeans - MET jeans, Necklace -, Shoes - March23 

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