woensdag 25 september 2013

Outfit; Everything has changed

Dear readers, 

I like the fall. I can wear long vests again ! I also like how everything changes in color. Today I saw the first brown, yellow and red leaves. Everything has changed. So have I. 
I'm starting to wear skirts again, who would have thought that. People used to tell me I don't look good in skirts, so I haven't worn one for a long time. Today I felt like changing that and with this long vest I think it looks pretty good.
Almost everything I'm wearing is actually property of my sister.. but I like wearing her clothes ! We come up with such different ideas on how to dress that it's always funny to borrow each others clothes and see how we look. 
Hope you like this look, feel free to leave a comment !

Oh and I created a Facebook page... like button is on the side ! 

What I'm wearing :
aztec vest- elvita,  black dress - h&m, tights - v&d, boots - shoeline. 

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