zondag 29 september 2013

Outfit ; Paint drips

Hi there !
It's been a while since my last post ! But I'm back !
In today's outfit I wanted to show you these vintage timberlands I got from my mom. As you can see in the picture above, it's covered in paint drips. My mom used to work in these shoes and that's how they got this look. And she wanted to just throw them away, what a waste right ?
This model is no longer in the stores, because it's 20 years old so I own a unique pair of timberlands now. I'm wearing a hazel colored cardigan with it and an animal printed scarf. Otherwise it looked a little boring.
This friday one of my articles was posted on beautybyts.blogspot.com , which I think is great ! This way I hope I can get more views on my blog... Also modepolitie posted my outfit to their facebookpage today. I was curious to hear the opinions of others, but some of the comments were so rude ! I think that's just sad.. Ofcourse I'm asking for an opinion, but my mom always says : If you can't say it nicely, don't say anything at all. Yeah right there !
And last but not least.. I'm starting to get a few things on the road for my singing ! So excited !!
I hope to tell you more soon !

What I'm wearing :
cardigan - pieces, jeans - MET jeans, top - america today, shoes - timberlands

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