vrijdag 19 juli 2013

Black is the new black, TGIF

Today the weather in Holland is great, and the forecast is telling me it will get even better ! I'm glad to hear that :)

This weekend will be superb, my boyfriends family are taking me out for dinner and my grandparents have their 50th anniversary ! And work just called that I have a day off so yeaaaay !

Yesterday I wore this great outfit when I went to visit some friends :

Meet my new favorite shirt and sunnies ! 
I have seen a lot of round sunglasses pass on lookbook.nu and other sites, but I have to admit when I saw these glasses I was in love. It was mostly the rose gold detail that got me to buy it. 
I also totally love this ' Badass' tshirt by Blake Seven. I bought it at http://blackfashionstore.com/, my favorite webshop at the moment. If you want to buy something black, go there ! They pick the best black buys on the market and sell them on their webshop. They have alot of clothes, shoes and accessoires under the motto 'Black is the new black'.  

Tell me what you think about this look and don't forget to follow us !

xox Joy

what I'm wearing :
shirt : http://blackfashionstore.com/, jeans : supertrash, shoes : allyssa, sunnies : Sasha 

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