woensdag 24 juli 2013

Outfit : comfy in leggings

Today I had a lazy day with my dog. 
I didn't feel like looking awesome so I went for a comfy outfit. 

I went to the park with my dog and my boyfriends dog, 
they had never played together and my dog is getting old, 
so I was curious if he would be nice to the little dog. 
Luckily they had a good time !
My dog is ofcourse the crazy one, rolling around in the grass. 

My sister left for Leiden today with her friend so I had to take pictures by myself, they turned out as selfies ;) But this way I can show you the supercool Iphone case I got from my best friend ! (by Juicy Couture) I love it <3

I love wearing leggings especially leggings by Blackmilk. (http://blackmilkclothing.com/
But they are expensive, so I bought this cross leggings at nelly.com where they were a lot cheaper. I must admit they are not as comfy as Blackmilks.. 
The weather is still pretty fine in the Netherlands so I wore a sleeveless top by Juicy Couture. It says : Just because I'm a girl doens't mean I'm not a queen. I bought this tee during my trip to London some time ago. 
I was wearing my pink Allstars and pink lipstick with it, but my lipstick faded and I couldn't get a good picture of my shoes.. So I'm just telling you how I wore this look. 

Have a wonderful evening ! 
xox Joy

What I'm wearing : 
Top : Juicy Couture, Legging : Club L at nelly.com

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