zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

Outfit : White Autumn

Dear readers,

The new edition of Vogue came in a few days ago. Reading through it I spotted so many trends I'm really happy about, like leather or the grunge look. I love it !

Vogue said it would be a white autumn this year. I agree because I think that the grey rainy sky could use some fresh colors ( like white). Since it was the last day that had a real summer feeling I decided to go with a white and flowing look.

I wore some nice and small jewelry with it,

I love the back of this top. I also love the simplicity of it, but because of the fabric it still just looks great. 

It's a shame that my bra-straps are so obvious but wearing nothing underneath this top is in my opinion just not done.. 
I have gotten many more ideas for this ' white autumn' I hope to show you soon ! 

What I'm wearing :
Top - Zara, Jeans - MET jeans, Sneakers - Converse allstars, golden diamond hamsa necklace- claires, coin necklace - mimoneda 

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