zondag 18 augustus 2013

Outfit ; Party all night + arm party !

Lately I've been to some amazing parties.
Last week I went to a party called Campingparty 't Hosselaar. What a blast I had there ! This is a party given by some guys I know who live on a big farm in the small town I live in. They are all DJ's and want to throw a festival kind of party for free. So they do this every year in their backyard ( which is huge !) There were almost 500 people attending the party and the vibe was great ! So many friendly faces, I loved it !

Yesterday my best friends threw his birthday party at the youth centre I used to work. We had so much fun doing karaoke and laughing over memories.
I decided to show you the outfit I wore to my BFFs party.

I'm sorry the pictures turned out so crappy, but I had to take them last minute.. That didn't turn out too well. 
This was the outfit I wore last night and a close up from my arm party :)

Have a good start of your week ! 


What I'm wearing : 
Glitter shirt - Charlie Joe via Lace Best, Striped pants - H&M, Sneaker Wegdes - Supertrash. 

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